FLATPACK ISO 1C container

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ISO 1C FLATPACK is a container, which has, compared to standard ISO 1C container, much smaller requirements on space during transport and storage. This is the biggest advantage of this container solution.

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Container is transported as FLATPACK in set of 4 containers on each other, which has dimensions of ISO 1C container.

FLATPACK container is composed of:

  • floor, roof, corner pillars, wall panels, door panel.

In transport position corner pillars, wall panels and door panel are stored between floor and roof (transport position).

FLATPACK can be used as accommodation units, stores (of material, tools, etc.), workshops, functional buildings for medical facilities, etc.

Technical data

Dimensions of deployed container

Length 6.058 mm
Height 568 mm
Width 2.438 mm

Containers are operational in climatic zones A1, B2 and C1 according to STANAG 2895 (-30°C to +52°C).

Containers are capable of being stored and transported in ambient temperatures ranging between -33°C and +71°C.

Container design

Container is manufactured in compliance with ISO 668, ISO 1161, ISO 1496-1.
Container is labelled according to ISO 6346 with CSC label.
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