ISO 1C Expandable Container «2in1» manually driven

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Manually driven expandable ISO 1C container «2 in 1» with one of the largest floor-space which such a type of containers can offer. It can be expanded to create an interior space of almost two times the size of a standard container. Transport position dimensions - as standard ISO freight container (ISO 668).

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More space to integrate your systems

The «2 in 1» can be equipped with windows, doors, canvas tunnels enabling connection of shelter to other units, wiring, data network, water distribution etc.

Container is operational in climatic zones A1, B2 and C1 according to STANAG 2895 (-30°C to +52°C).
Container is capable of being stored and transported in ambient temperatures ranging between -33°C and +71°C.

Technical Specifications:

Basic dimensions:

Length (ext) 6.058 mm (20‘)
Height (ext) 2.438 mm (8‘)
Width (ext) 2.438 mm (8‘)
Width of internal area (when expanded) 4.000 mm (rozložený KNT)
Inner height 23 m
Tare weight 8.600 kg
Payload 5.400 kg
Floor area 17.5 m2
Technical compart. floor area 2,6 m2
Internal height 2.000 mm

CSC certified
Self supporting expanding sections.
Flat floor in entire container

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