1. MIG-21 („Fishbed) - MF version & UM version

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The Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-21 (NATO reporting name „Fishbed“) is a supersonic jetfighter aircraft designed and built by the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. More than 30 countries around the world have flown the MiG-21, and it still serves many nations a half-century after its first flight. Its Mach 2 capability exceeds the top speed of many later modern fighter types. Estimates are that more than 10,000 MIG-21s were built, more than any other supersonic jet aircraft.


  • REAL TRADE PRAHA a.s. owns 8 pcs of the Mig-21 aircraft, 7 pcs the MF version (1-seater) and 1 pc the UM version (2-seater).
  • the MIG’s are stored in Czech Republic, with wings disassembled, in Přelou facility
  • the aircraft can be supplied with the pylons, fuel tanks (under the airframe and under the wings), UB-16 rocket blocks, plus spare parts
  • the technical data and flight hours of the airframe and engine can be sent upon request

Crew: One
Length: 14.50 m excluding probe
Wingspan: 7.15 m
Height: 4.125 m
Wing area: 23 m2
Empty weight: 4,980 kg
Loaded weight: 8,212 kg
Max takeoff weight: 9,661 kg
Powerplant: 1x Tumansky R-13F2S-300, afterburning
turbojet, 60.57 kN
Max. firing speed: 2,230 km/h at 13,000 m
Range: ca. 500 km
Service ceiling: 17300 m
Rate of climb: 120 m/s
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