BMP-1 Infantry fighting vehicle

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The BMP-1 armoured personnel carrier is amphibious waterproof tracked vehicle featuring good armour protection and manoeuvring abilities. The BMP-1 is equipped with a heavy 73 mm gun and a coupled 7.62 mm machine gun. The BMP-1 is designed to transport a motorized combat infantry unit of 8 members. The armoured personnel carrier is equipped with a manually loaded launching device.


The armoured personnel carrier is equipped with optical devices, periscopes and night vision. The crew is protected against weapons of mass destruction by means of special filtered ventilating equipment.

Weight: 13,250 kg
Engine type: UTD-20, 6 cylinders in „V“ system
Engine output: 220 kW
Main dimensions (length x width x height): 6,735 x 2,949 x 2,070 mm
Maximum speed: 65 km/h
Seaworthiness maximal speed: 6 km/h
73 mm gun: 2A28
Coupled 7.62 mm machine gun – type: PKT
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