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The Czech enterprise EXCALIBUR ARMY spol. s r. o. has developed and manufactured, in cooperation with other Czech
and Slovak companies, an upgraded infantry fighting vehicle designated as BMP-M2 SKCZ that complies with the
existing criteria and requirements for the combat vehicles of this category.


Major upgrade areas
• The ballistic protection on level 3 to STANAG 4569 including inside spall liners.
• Mine protection under the tracks on level 2a to STANAG 4569 and level 1 under the vehicle bottom.
• Installation of multispectral laser warning system operating in microwave laser spectrum linked to the battle
management system (BMS) and smoke grenade launchers.
• Camouflage protecting against observing in the visible near infrared spectrum.
• Power-pack consisting of an engine with increased performance and automatic transmission.
• Enhanced internal space, ergonomic seats with increased mine protection.
• Modern fire-fighting system in the engine compartment and fire-suppression system in the crew and troop
• Independent air heater and air-conditioning for the crew and troop compartments.
• Radio compatible with NATO communication devices.
• Diagnostic system linked to the BMS.
• Data and communication platform for the “Future Soldier”.
• The vehicle’s design enables recovery and withdrawal according to STANAG 4062 4478. Transportability on road,
by rail, sea and air including C130 aircraft according to STANAG 3548.
• Extension of service life by 20 years.
Fire power
• The scale of fire allows to engage such threats as light and medium armoured vehicles, centres of fire, personnel
and low-flying targets. The enhanced elevation traverse speed substantially improve the fire efficiency even when
• Observation and sighting devices of the commander and gunner are capable of target detecting and aiming at day
or night and at reduced visibility. The commander may use an independent panoramic optoelectronic observation
• The commander’s and gunner’s stations are located in the front of the combat compartment under the weapon
station. Both the commander and gunner may fully operate the RCWS using the support of the fire control system
with an integrated BMS.
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