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The BRDM-2 is an armored patrol car used by Russia and before that the Soviet Union. It was also known under the designations BTR-40PB, BTR-40P-2 and GAZ 41-08. This vehicle, like many other Soviet designs, has been exported extensively and is in use in at least 38 countries. It was intended to replace the earlier BRDM-1 with a vehicle that had improved amphibious capabilities and better armament.


Weight: 7 000 kg
Engine Type: GAZ-41 – 140 hp Gasoline
Speed – max. road: 95 (km/hod.)
Chassis length overall: 5,75 m
Height overall: 2,31 m
Width overall: 2,75 m
Speed – max. swim: 10 (km/h.)
Main armament – caliber, type, name: 14.5 mm, Heavy, Machinegun, KPVT
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