REFRIGERATION container ISO 1C container

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These units are equipped with sturdy, but readily dismountable shelving suitable for rational storage.

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The facility can provide an internal operating temperature between -18°C to +10°C in external temperatures between -30°C and +50°C.

Double chamber: The goods can be stored in two chambers, which can be set to different operating temperatures. There are two chambers with four shelves per chamber.

Refrigeration container is fitted with:
  • refrigeration plant, evaporators
  • fuel tank
  • battery, battery box
  • data logger.

Container can be also equipped with meat bar and hooks, which are secured on the ANCRA fastening strip.

The Double Chamber Refrigeration and Freezer Combined and Single Chamber Refrigeration/ Freezer Unit is designed for the storage of both refrigerated and frozen packaged and unpackaged food and medical supplies.

Containers are fully operational in climatic zones A1, B2 and C1 according to STANAG 2895 (from -30°C to +52°C).

Container dimensions (external)

Lenght 6.058 mm
Height 2.438 mm
Width 2.438 mm

Double chamber - inner dimensions of chamber (2x)

Lenght 2.429 mm
Height 1.961 mm
Width 2.098 mm
Volume 9,99 m3
Total volume (both chambers) 19,98 m3

Single chamber - inner dimensions of chamber

Lenght 4.947 mm
Height 1.961 mm
Width 2.098 mm
Volume 20,4 m3
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