RM-70 Multiple rocket launcher

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The RM-70 multiple rocket launcher is a Czechoslovak army version and the heavier variant of the BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher, providing enhanced performance over its parent artillery system that was introduced in 1972.


It is designed to be used against manpower, firing devices, motorized infantry arrangements, tanks and other combat vehicles. The rocket launcher with loading device is placed on a special T-813 chassis. Sighting by dependent PG aiming rule sight, motor powered or manual guidance to target. Electrical switch-on. Firing in batches and/or individually.

Weight incl. 80 shells and service: 24 000 kg
Bullet shells mass JROF: 66.35 kg
Maximum range: 20 380 m
Total area impacted by volley of shells (40 shots): Až 70 ha
Time of volley of bullet shells firing (40 shoots): 2 – 30 s
Rocket launcher service: 4 muži
Top cruising speed of loaded rocket launcher:
• on asphalt roads: 85 km/hod.
• on dirt roads: 35 km/hod.
• in terrain: 25 km/hod.
Rocket launcher length: 8 650 mm
Rate of ammunition supply: 40 + 40 bullet shells
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