Self-propelled gun-howitzer 152 mm vz.

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A self-propelled gun-howitzer of 152 mm calibre, the vz. 77 DANA is a wheeled combat vehicle equipped with gun of 152 mm calibre. The DANA is equipped with a weapon system made up of a 12.7 mm machine gun, an ATG R/PG-75 rocket launcher, de-contamination means and essential tools for the crew.


The self-propelled 152 mm gun-howitzer vz. 77 DANA – as well as the complete model, we now also offer a chassis variation without armament or turret compartments.

Weight: 28.000 kg
Engine type: T-3-930.52, 12 cylinders in „V“ system
Engine output: 265 kW
Maximum speed: 80 km/hod.
Drive: 8 x 8
Chassis: TATRA 815, modified
Crew: 4
Gun of calibre: 152 mm
Automatic loading: 6 shots/min
12.7 mm machine gun – type: DŠKM
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