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adaptetion of electric motor    MU-431     memory device     electromagnet EMT-10     assembly VKU-330-4     gyro block     distribution box KR 175     supply device PP-28

hydraulic coupling     sensor D-20     driving disk     bottle for compressed air    steam air valve     water and oil separator     hose with piping     relay controller R-10 TAU

pump BCN-1     electric oil pump MZN-2     PPZ-bottle     fan control box KUV 11-6-1S     automatics block B-11-5     P11-5 control and signaling desk     automatics block B-11-5-2S1 TNPO-168 W vision device     + device cover

snímač D-20   hnací kotouč   láhev na stlačený vzduch

bogie wheel     engine V-46.6     fuel cleaner + cleaner insert     TNP-160 aparatus    TNPA-65 observation devic

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