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„LVOME - Light vehicle of medical evacuation“ is intended for providing the services of emergency medical treatment and evacuation of the hurts and ills accompanied by the medical crew.

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LVOME - light vehicle of medical evacuation allows the transport of:
  • 4 hurts or ills lying on the stretchers;
  • after simple adaptation it allows the variant transport of:
  • 8 sitting hurts or ills;
  • 2 lying and 4 sitting hurts;
  • and one medical orderly on the seat near the front plate.

The construction for the stretcher allows the easy loading of the stretcher with lying patient, made by the operator standing on land behind the vehicle, and its safe fixing during the transport. This way of loading is able both to lower and upper hanging.

Basic medical equipment and appliances are stored in cabinets, cases, and on hangings to be adapted for driving and to do not embarrass the work of the medical orderly.

Technical parameters

Length × width × height of the vehicle 6 265 × 2 100 × 2 800 mm
Axle base 3 550 mm
Total weight of the vehicle 5 500 kg
Service weight 4 350 kg
Total weight of the vehicle combination 8 500 kg
Type designation of the chassis SCAM SMT 55.3,5/4 2,8TDI 92kW
Type of the motor IVECO, type 8140.43S EURO III
four-cylinder CI engine with electronically controlled direct injection „Unijet“, turbocharger, intercooler, water-cooled with electromagnetic ventilator, displacement 2 800 cm³
Base / alternative fuel Diesel fuel F-54 / unified fuel F-34
Gear box ZF-S6-300
six-speed, fully synchronized with one reverse shaft
Seating capacity in the cabin of the vehicle 3

Operational parameters

Marginal temperatures of ambient air - operational -32 ºC to + 55 ºC
Marginal temperatures of ambient air - storage -33 ºC to + 70 ºC
Relative external air damp to 99 % in ambient temperature of +50 ºC (storage and transport)
Operational resistance in atmospheric precipitation with intensity to 6 mm.min-1, impinging at an angle of 30° in all directions
Operational resistance in air dustiness to 1,0 g.m-3 measured in 0,5 m above terrain
Resistance against the air current of constant speed to 22 m.s-1
Resistance against the wind gust of maximal speed to 34 m.s-1
Resistance against mechanical damage caused by particles of sand and dust
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