TATRA T-815 8x8 LT

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The aim of modernization is to extend the life cycle of vehicles series TATRA T-815 8 x 8 , 6 x 6 and increase their usable properties.
It offers a much cheaper alternative of variation of original vehicles of this series.
Modernization has been performed on singular groups with a view to improve technical parameters, reduce operating
costs, maintenance and repair needs and finally reach the operating simplicity and comfort, increase the operation safety and reduce
the environmental impact.


Engine: – type T3-930-50 – biggest change is the installation of new turbocharger with intercooler of filling air; Due
to this modification the fuel consumption and smoke rate were reduced and cooling improved. Also the
torque curve and power at low speeds have been improved.
Gears: – change speed gear TATRA 10TS130 with a system of semi-automatic gearing TATRA-NORGREN, which
improves maneuverability and increases the user comfort of the driver.
– additional change speed gear TATRA 230TRK. Using this additional change speed gear, thanks to its
design prevents the springing of speed stages.
– by using the change speed gear TATRA 10TS130 and additional change speed gear TATRA 230TRK, the
transmission of drive torque on vehicle wheels will be realized on other transmission gear ratios, in lower
engine service speed, reducing thereby the noise.
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