Our activities are focused on quality military technic – we provide worldwide military vehicles, guns and gun systems (including ammunition) and spare parts for military technic, etc.

Military technic cannot dispense with a number of services, including besides the sale and subsequent dispatch to the customer also the service and general repairs for which we are equipped with a modern workshop and a paint shop. Furthermore is the military technic also upgraded by our qualified and experienced team of professionals.The offer of our services as well as of our military technic is constantly increasing and for this reason don´t hesitate and contact us if you have any questions.

Military technic

Our company ensures military technic (tanks, armoured vehicles, gun and gun systems, ammunition), for which we provide also logistics, service, repairs and modernization. Trade in military technology.

Spare parts for military technic

For the parties concerned we supply spare parts for military technic in an extensive range (combat cars, BVP and others). We provide among others special spare parts for military technic namely for wheeled and tracked technic from combat cars to trucks. We produce less available spare parts for military technic. Thanks to continuous quality control we are able to guarantee the top reliability of all spare parts for the military technic.

Service and modernization of military technic

We provide complex services and modernization for all military technic, guns and gun systems. We assemble spare parts for military technic and perform all repairs. To have more reliable military technic, our company performs also its modernization (of modernizations, carried out by us we can present here the modernization of vehicles DANA-M1 CZ and MGC1 and the modernization of the cannon CZ30

Guns and gun systems

Gun and gun systems are an integral part of the category "military technic". In our offer you will find canons, machine guns, hand guns and other guns. All guns and gun systems are carefully and professionally stored.


Guns and gun systems don´t dispense with ammunition, which we deliver in several versions. We provide all types of small calibre ammunition, medium calibre ammunition and large calibre ammunition. In the area of ammunition we offer especially the ammunition, gun magazines and cartridges for guns and gun systems.

ISO 9001
The Company REAL TRADE PRAHA a.s. is certified ISO 14001 and 9001 in the field of foreign trade in military material. 15.03.2017
ISO 14001
The Company REAL TRADE PRAHA a.s. is certified ISO 14001 and 9001 in the field of foreign trade in military material. 15.03.2017
IDEX 2015
International defence Exhibicion a conference
22 - 26 February 2015
We invite you to visit stand TATRA no. CP-420 (outdoor area) on IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi 13.01.2015